We will offer the following condensed compos:


    • Combined Oldskool Realtime Demo/Intro (>=8/16bit)

    • Combined Newschool Realtime Demo/Intro (Current Systems)

    • Wild Demo (All platforms)

    • Graphics (All platforms)

    • Music (All platforms)

Remote Entries

You can hand in remote entries through the email address

For large files above 25MB please get in touch and you will receive further informations or simply provide the whole package including a mp4 capture of your entry through any file transfer platform like WeTransfer or similar cloud solutions.

Competition Rules

General Rules:

  • Don’t use material you don’t own the rights to and make sure your entries are free of third party rights.
  • Don’t use or show anything that is against German law in any form.
  • Submit your entry within the deadline. We may be able to extend a deadline for single entries, but this is absolutely an exception.
  • If there is only one entry for a competition: Congrats. You’ve won!
  • No AI generated content!


  • Hand in your executables and you also have to hand in a MP4-capture of your entry in 1920×1080 with good quality settings. Screeners also allowed.
  • No maximum filesize
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes.
  • Please provide a list of tools used.
  • You may be called to present your entry to the organizers on your weird/self-made/hilarious/old hardware by the organizers.


  • No matter the system/format/platform of your music, in addition to the original file/executable/whatever, also an MP3 export of the track has to be handed in.
  • Only one entry per composer allowed.
  • Maximum playing time: 4 minutes. Longer entries will result in disqualification.
  • Please deliver a list of tools used.


  • No matter the system/format/platform of your entry, you have to hand in the original image/executable/whatever and also a lossless PNG version of your entry scaled to 1920*1080. (add black borders for different aspect ratios)
  • Only one entry per artist allowed.
  • Please deliver a list of tools used.


Additional Competition Information:

  • Remote entries allowed! No prize money for remote entries!
  • Voting is only allowed for people present at the party!