You want some oldskool demoparty feeling
in the month of November 2023 in the very south of Germany?

Then the


is your place to be!

Remote Entries

You can hand in remote entries through the email address comparade-remote-entries@nuance-family.de

For large files above 25MB please get in touch and you will receive further informations or simply provide the whole package including a mp4 capture of your entry through any file transfer platform like WeTransfer or similar cloud solutions.

The COMPARADE as a fullfeatured demoparty already took place before (2K / 2K+2) and then was revived last year as a satellite party for the well known Revision easter demoparty and it was a full success.

BLACK MONKS and NUANCE bring back this little demoparty this year as full featured demoparty again and we’re truely looking forward to welcome you in Emmering to:


Expect a nice chilled partyplace, selected competitions, friendly atmosphere, some good old fun compos and as a special feature…

the Ultimate Meat-Thing

(free barbeque by NUANCE held before at the tUM party series) will be back!